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How do I get paid for this?

  1. Your email address that you registered with be sent payments upon purchase within minutes.
  2. Your customers will have a variety of ways to pay and payment processors that they trust to use.
  3. You keep 100% of your earnings until you get out of control then we will tax that ass.

Where are my products listed?

  1. They are listed in the main shop of this site.
  2. They are also listed in your profile page.

What is a DOWNLOAD?

  1. A download is a downloadable item you are selling.
  2. This download cannot be shipped or be sold for local pickup.
  3. This download should be yours or you could end up in jail.
  4. This download can come in any format you can fit in a zip.
  5. If you can not fit your download feel free to add a text file with info.
  6. Google Drive and Drop Box have links you can share your products.

What is a SERVICE?

  1. A service is a service you offer online or in person.
  2. This service cannot be shipped or downloaded.
  3. This service should be legal or you could end up in jail.
  4. This service can be purchased hourly, daily, etc.
  5. If you would like to add a link to this service instead of a product you can.
  6. If you would like to add a file download for your customers you can.
  7. You can be paid up front or upon service delivery.
  8. These services can include legal help, cleaning, cooking, repair, etc.
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