American news reporters should be ashamed of themselves trying to start a war

Just read the headlines it is totally insane. Are these people from America or Iran? Do they know why this commander was killed? No they don’t know what the president of the United States Donald Trump knows about what this man was planning. But now they are making sure the American people and Iranian people think that there will be hell to pay showing photos of Iranians burning American flags from 2017? This is the sick way of reporting news that we have become accustomed to. they will stop at nothing to destroy a president who possibly acted on our behalf yet we don’t see it that way. Instead we praise the Iranian leader whom we know nothing about.

They want American people to be scared. This is their goal every single day. This is why they always try and make sure that we know that our life is chaotic when in actuality it is totally opposite. They want the stock market to crash. they pray for it every single night because maybe just maybe you too will jump into their bandwagon of hate and destruction. They know that whatever you read and see has an effect on the way you feel and that my friend will keep you and everyone around you in misery if you believe it.

When an article says “Here is what you need to know…” Google it because 9 times out of ten they are giving you multiple reasons to be miserable about something that hasn’t even happened yet. They are trying their hardest to convince you of something you are not even sure of.