Due to some of the troubled Defendants attempts to ban me from my Microsoft sharing account because they are afraid of their crimes I have had to create my own website. I highly doubt my hosting provider will ban my public lawsuits.

thumbnail of dependency petition

Protected: Dependency Petition 2017

After his father abandoned him they remained focused on the Plaintiff and she did not even have custody.
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Protected: Newborn Removal by Race Only 2020

Parent states neither of her 2 children were removed at birth despite her dirty drug screens, and prior cases.
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Emergency Order #6 effective 03.17.2020

This order required that the social workers reasons for removing any child must be "mission critical"
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Protected: Clerks Minute Entry 5 months late

After the Plaintiff found out there were no minutes on the docket they added this document and named it "Minutes."
thumbnail of agreed order

Protected: Filed Unagreed Order 05.2020

AAG files unagreed and unsigned dependency order to the official docket in the Plaintiffs ongoing state case.

Protected: Student of the Month 2019

The Plaintiffs child won many awards and she loved going to school.
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Protected: No Probable Cause on 03.16.2020

Proof the Plaintiff provided a clean drug screen 3 days prior to removal in 2020.
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Protected: Original Complaint filed 06.2020

One of the many first complaints filed against judge Messitt.
thumbnail of UW Medicine eCare – Message Center

Protected: Message from Doctor 03.23.20

Correspondence from the doctor, after the Plaintiff found out online that her medication may have been the cause of the dirty drug screens.
thumbnail of AAGattendance

Protected: Attendance Records Sent 03.17.20

All Defendants already had the Plaintiffs child attendance records from her school.
thumbnail of NO discipline records

Protected: No Discipline Records 03.17.20

All Defendants were also made aware by the Principal that the Plaintiffs child had no discipline records to send, when CPS requested these records.
thumbnail of APPEAL BRIEF

Protected: Appeal Brief ACZ 2021

The Brief filed by the Plaintiffs attorney after she appealed the decision at her trial in October 2020.
thumbnail of ALLTEXTBOYETT

Protected: All Text from Teacher 2019-2020

All text communication to and from the teacher as required for parent pickup after school.
thumbnail of dafault_Redacted

Protected: Default to Unknown Order

Court officials unlawfully defaulted to the father, they knew the Plaintiff would never sign anything for them.

Protected: Docket Emailed to Plaintiff 10.16.20

They can change the docket all they want but they can't unsend the email they sent containing the original docket list.
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