Colorado Springs LGBTQ club shooting is Fake News.

Could this be our hyper religious government pushing their Christian agenda on the public while at the same time trying to pretend we have so many mass shooting when in fact they are all fake?

CNN (FAKE NEWS HEADQUARTERS) CLAIMS The man suspected of killing five people and wounding 17 others at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub will face multiple murder and hate crime charges, court records show.

Police have identified the deceased victims as Daniel Aston, Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Derrick Rump.

One of the men who took down the shooter, former Army Maj. Richard Fierro, told CNN: “My daughter (and) wife should have never experienced combat in Colorado Springs, and everybody in that building experienced combat that night, not to their own accord, but because they were forced to.”

The killer has no social security number and no family members, no Facebook page nothing..

What do these photos have in common?


Perfect lighting, great acting… please tell me you are starting to have a no duh moment?

They knew all the victims identity within 48 hours. Wake up people those are ACTORS.


Fuck the State
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