Do you require accessibility and need assistance?

  1. Please call +13606021444 24 hours a day for immediate help.
  2. You can also email questions or request assistance rentmefee@gmail.com
  3. We have translation available for any language.

How to create a download product?

  1. Register for the site using a secure email.
  2. Purchase the Create a Download product.
  3. This includes unlimited access to creating downloads.
  4. If your item is large you may need to add a text file with a link instead.
  5. Create a shared link using Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.
  6. Add this link into a regular text file with your contact info.
  7. When your customer purchases your download they will follow the link.
  8. This will also keep your file with you instead of on the site.
  9. When your customer pays you are paid to your registration email.
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