Dylann “Storm” Roof is fake news.


We have investigated and found that most of the following tactics were used to create fake news in the United States:

  1. Using people from different countries, possibly actors.
  2. Sometimes using their name.
  3. Other times creating new names.
  4. Sometimes recycling the same names from other fake news..

Dylann Roofs supposed father was a pilot registered with the FAA. Stephen Paddock the killer from the Las Vegas massacre was also a pilot registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration.)

Dylann “Storm” Roof is from Russia and likely was paid by the American government to come and act, why? To anger the public, earn votes, ban guns, the usual. He has more than 4 profiles created at various times on a social network that is popular in Russia. One of these profiles displays this as his name and not Dylann Roof.

The News Media knew the names of all the victims the next day

The medical personnel went to the church and picked up people who were supposedly “dead” and knew their names, contacted their family members immediately, with no problem, not one of these next of kin was hard to find, it happened so fast they even knew the details surrounding the reasons they were there that day?

I mean can you put two and two together?

Where did the fakers get his middle name “Storm” from? Look at his profile above he is following a group on this website called the “storm” is coming. I have never heard this guy say a word in court.

This email address below is directly attached to several of Dylann Roofs social media accounts. This means this is the email that created these accounts. This person is or was employed by the NAACP. Her name is also listed as receiving mail at Roofs last known residence for 3 years prior to the shooting.

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