How to add a download?

You can select online or a location or both as brand.

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  1. Upon registration all members are vendors unless they registered through the purchase of an item.
  2. To request member status send a text message to +13606021444 including your username and allow 24-72 hours to process.
  3. Create a product that is SIMPLE with download checked.
  4. If your download is too big create a text file instead with a shared link to that file and your contact information.
  5. You can change the button text to DOWNLOAD instead of “add to cart.”
  6. You can add your downloads to both location brands and online brand if you would like.
  7. It is not recommended that you manage stock on a download unless you are giving away information that you want to limit.

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  1. You may not add pornographic or adult downloads.
  2. You may not add violent, illegal items for people to download.
  3. You must add only your content to download.
  4. We only check reported downloads.
  5. If your downloads get reported we give only one warning before an ip ban.
  6. There is a 500 download limit per vendor.
  7. Customers can purchase your downloads an unlimited number of times.
  8. Right now we are not collecting fees or a percentage of each download sold.
  9. The payment processor may take out a fee for their services.

Add your download as itself or a text file if its huge.

Add or select attributes this is optional.

I am ready to add my item!

I have read through these rules and instructions and I am ready to add my product. I understand that I am responsible for removing my items, adjusting the item, and responding to my customers questions and concerns. I agree to the terms and conditions of this website.

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