How to add a Lottery campaign?

What is a lottery/raffle campaign?

It is a product created by a vendor who is offering a brand new product as a prize in a drawing. After the vendor creates the drawing/raffle/lottery they will not be able to edit it or change it until the time runs out or the last ticket is purchased.

Each vendor that creates a lottery product is collecting the funds for this raffle as donations, meaning these donations are NON-REFUNDABLE. The vendor must set a minimum amount of tickets to be offered, and a maximum amount of tickets, they must also set how many winners there will be based on how many prizes they have to give.

The vendor will also set an end time for this raffle to end, if the minimum amount of tickets are not purchased via donation before the time runs out. Then there is no winner and the vendor gets to keep all donations collected.

If the minimum amount of tickets are passed (sold) then a winner is picked when the time runs out. Unless the maximum amount of tickets are sold before the times runs out, then a winner is picked when the last ticket is sold.

Vendors who create raffles will not be able to collect any donations until after the winner receives the prize shown and this is proven via tracking and what have you.

Winners are not picked by the vendor, or this website, they are randomly drawn from an algorithm. There may a be time where the same member wins 2 prizes the same week.

Sometimes 2 winners come up, when this does happen the winner is picked by finding the first person who purchased the ticket.  Even plugins can be defective, there are also times when a winner is picked at the wrong time, our  plan is to go with the flow and fix issues they come up which is rare.

If the prize winner does not receive their prize within 20 days of winning, or does receive the prize that is not what it claimed to be in the raffle, then the winner gets to keep the donations collected for the raffle as their prize, and the vendor is removed from the community, and the vendor gets none of the donations collected.

If this method becomes tedious and ineffective then the site may ask the vendors to send the prize to prior to adding their raffle to the site to prevent disputes over whether the prize is accurate or not.

This website does not collect any fees yet since we just opened, so we do not have the money to refund people who are bamboozled for their money, and highly suggest that you proceed and donate with caution and the knowledge of the risk you are taking. The most we can do is block the users but we all know how the internet is and that is part of spending online.

Prizes must meet the following criteria or will not be approved:

  1. Must be a brand new tangible item that has an estimated worth of more than $200.00 USD.
  2. This prize can not be a living item, or consumable item, it can not be a hygiene product or chemical product of any kind.
  3. If the item requires chemicals for performance these chemicals should not be in the prize when delivering to a prize winner. (empty gas tanks of motor bikes that run on gas etc.)
  4. The prize must not have an expiration date that would render it unusable on such date.
  5. The prize must be sold somewhere other than here, can not be a custom machine that has not been vetted.  We must be able to easily find its worth.
  6. Must come in original unaltered packaging, no refurbished items.
  7. Must be shipped at the vendors expense.
  8. Cannot be returned since it is a prize and not a purchased item.
  9. If the winner is not satisfied with the prize the vendor is not liable to refund the prize winner for its worth.

If the raffle seems unfair it will be rejected for further editing for example: If you have 5 winners listed but only one prize shown. If you are charging $100 per ticket and the items not worth more than $100.

If the vendor who creates the lottery starts it prior to support approving it, then our staff will restart the drawing after approving the item.

Each vendor keeps all donations collected related to the drawing

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