How to add a property listing?

Select affiliate link as product type.

Change button text anything but add to cart.

Adding a location as the brand is mandatory.

Selecting attributes is optional.

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  1. Upon registration all members are vendors unless they registered through he purchase of an item.
  2. To request member status send a text message to +13606021444 including your username and allow 24-72 hours to process.
  3. Create a product that is an affiliate link product.
  4. Add the link to your website.
  5. Change the button text to match your liking instead of Add to Cart.
  6. Make sure to add locations in your tags as well as brand.
  7. If you would like viewers to redirect to make a payment for screening, add a link to your payment page or payment processor.

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  1. Only property listings, services, and crowdfunds can use affiliate link buttons as their product type.
  2. You can offer rentals for 6 month intervals if this is allowed in your area please see your local laws governing this.
  3. You can offer rentals for any duration of hours again their may be laws in your area that do not allow this.
  4. It is not our job to know the laws in your area that would be impossible, it is your job to follow the laws.
  5. Any reported bogus rental offers are removed until proven untrue.
  6. Please report any illegal content or bogus offers by texting +13606021444.
  7. If you add your own attribute it will only be for your use.
  8. 500 property limit, obviously unlimited number of contacts.
  9. Viewers can send you messages, add you as a friend, and review your property.
  10. There is no way to opt out of these features, there is no way to block other members.
  11. You can report a member to +13606021444 and they will be removed pending investigation by or support team.

Add your own attribute for your property.

Add a downloadable document for viewers.

Edit your terms or policy this is optional.

Enable or disable reviews.

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I have read through these rules and instructions and I am ready to add my product. I understand that I am responsible for removing my items, adjusting the item, and responding to my customers questions and concerns. I agree to the terms and conditions of this website.

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