If that is Chris Watts then who is this?

As stated previously the media will use people from different countries to create news that you will believe.

Why? Because they are the honest news right?

Wrong, because THRIVE paid for it, as Toyota paid for Fotis Dulos. Why do they call the car a Toyota when they can just call it a pick up truck? Because someone somewhere is advertising.

I believe that the public knows and does not really care on most days.

Except when it effects our livelihood like COVID-19.

Then it starts getting crazy.

Recycling actress’ names

Shannon or Shannan Watts either one is each part of their own act in different scenes, one was supposedly murdered but has THRIVE practically engraved in her profile for good reason, they paid good money for that seat. the other is an activist attempting to abolish the second amendment and take our guns away. I wonder how much these people are paid for this.


Fuck the State
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