Maybe the journalists who write this fake news are desperate?

We have come to the conclusion

that there may be more than one factor underlining the reasons for creating this “fake news” these are several theories which one may be or all may be truth:

  1. Political agenda trying to score votes or attention to a particular subject.
  2. Clicks from you and me who read/watch these articles online where they are monetized and earn revenue from those clicks.
  3. Fear mongering the US government attempting to push their religious agenda.
  4. Desire to start some kind of race war, or war on religion.

What I find strange is that none of these events started any riots?

I was ready to riot for those 20 dead kindergarteners when I heard the story back in 2012. I cried, I think many people did. But nobody blamed the school, nobody sued the school. They all blamed guns, in most of these fake news events they all blamed guns. Nobody blamed Pulse night club for not catching the guy on a metal detector. They tried to blame the hotel in the Las Vegas massacre but always came back to “guns.”


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