Patty Murray supports illegal adoptions by DCYF.

She has been in her position long enough.

In 2011, I wrote Patty Murray a letter and told her how Judge Beverly Grant required that I meet my childs ethnic and cultural needs and because I was not African American I was unable to meet these needs and my children stayed out of my care longer. As a matter of fact my two oldest were never returned. I was harassed continuously by African American social workers who favored my African American childs father. They gave him custody and within 2 years my children were molested and abandoned. The reason my biracial child was illegally forced into adoption was because their father lost custody, DCYF never returns children to indigent Caucasian women. Commissioner Jennie Laird ruled it would be in my childs best interest to be adopted by complete strangers.

In 2014 I was parenting a newborn baby under my roof and Michelle Bullard the foster parent wanted to adopt my first born child she was 14 years old, and did not care that I wanted my child home. Michelle received $14,440 the year she adopted my child in a child tax credit paid by the IRS, and she continued to receive $1500 per month that did not count against her income until my childs 21st birthday, in what is called “adoption assistance.” She changed my childs first and last name and allowed her to continue communication with her father who molested her for 18 months. Michelle adopted many children possibly 5 of them and received $1500 per month for each child until their 21st birthday, even if that child was reported a runaway. Michelle did kick my daughter out of her house as soon as she turned 21.

Patty Murray knows the Assistant Attorney

uses RCW 13.34.030(6)(c) to terminate the rights of parents and it means there is no parent, so they are basically lying and tricking parents into thinking they have some kind of authority to remove the title parent. The original statute below used to mean what it said, now it has taken on a new form, and the state is knowingly at all times committing an abuse of process by applying it.


I have many good friends that are Asian and African American, they do not understand why I was treated the way I was treated, and they too have had their children removed by CPS in the past, their children were immediately placed with blood relatives, or they were never removed to begin with. Their children were never forced into illegal adoptions through the Department of Children Youth and Families corrupt practices.

Native American parents are also a target.

I believe it is because the social workers get more money for removing Native children. DCYF has also been known to target Russian and Ukrainian immigrants because their children have blonde hair. These children they know the foster parents will want to adopt since the foster parents always prefer children that look like them. Unfortunately in Washington state and in many other states that is blonde hair and blue eyed children.

DCYF prefers removing sibling sets for double and triple Title IV-E funding and they especially do not mind separating the children in order to please multiple foster families.

Under 42 U.S.C. 601 Purpose it says the goal of DCYF is to “form and maintain two parent families” and to get rid of needy single parent families. The government does not arrange marriages so they can only be referring to foster families since they require foster parents be married for at least two years prior to getting a home study.

Your local child welfare office

There are 99% Caucasian children under the age of 6 in their foster homes and most of them have blonde hair and blue eyes, or are fair-skinned. Patty Murray sees this from the back end and supports it fully if she did not she would have assisted me when I told her I was being racially discriminated against. Is that even possible? I mean I guess I am half Hispanic so I have color in me but is it even possible for a white person to be a victim of racism? I would rather have Kermit the Frog in congress than her any day. I have no idea what her job description is but it is not reporting intentional racial discrimination happening in child welfare offices across this state.

Sit outside the CPS office and you will see.

Below are screen shots of my dependency court order of which I never signed, state officials always claimed I was not a parent never marked I abused or neglected my child.

Fuck the State
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