Poke Her Face Iron On

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Light Fabric Transfer

Light Fabric Transfer Instructions Warning! Please read all directions below. Visit avery.com/transfers for more information. Questions? 800-GO-AVERY (800-462-8379) Scan to link directly to a How-To video for Avery Light Fabric Transfers. Avery Light Fabric Transfers are designed for white or light colored 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics. Visit avery.com/transfers for easy-to-use design tools, templates, how-to videos, and other tips on the complete transfer line of products. Follow the steps below to ensure great-looking results. Note that your results may vary based on a variety of factors, including fabric type, ironing equipment, temperatures, and wash methods. Dos & Don’ts of Fabric Transfers: • Don’t use a laser printer. • Don’t use steam in the iron. • Don’t use an ironing board, glass, granite, concrete or other heat sensitive or heat-retaining surfaces. • Do iron on a heat resistant surface, such as a wooden table. • Do follow washing instructions before wearing. Items Needed: 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend, white or light colored fabric. Waist-high smooth heat-resistant surface 1. Design & Print Design • Go to avery.com/print and customize your design, using our free templates and online design tools. Household iron Inkjet printer Large cotton pillowcase Print • Test print your design on plain paper to ensure the design looks accurate. • Design image normally as you want it to appear. Note: Image will be flipped in print preview. • Feed one fabric sheet at a time. FOR USE IN INKJET PRINTERS ONLY.2. Prep & Ironing Trim Material • Cut out design with a narrow margin around image. • Keep edges rounded (if possible) to avoid lifting during ironing and washing. 3. Finishing & Care Finish transfer Prep workspace • Place a pillowcase down on a hard, heat-resistant surface, not an ironing board. A wooden table is best. • Be sure iron does not have water in it and steam setting is o. • Set iron to cotton setting and preheat for 5 minutes. • Iron the pillowcase and garment to remove wrinkles. • Use extreme caution when ironing. Avoid leaving iron face-down on ironing surface for extended period of time as it may result in injury or damage to the project or ironing surface. Ironing • Place transfer design down on the garment in the desired location. • Iron transfer, applying firm pressure slowly from left to right and then from top to bottom. • Be sure to iron over the edges. • Turn o iron when finished. Ironing Time: Image Size Ironing Time Full sheet 3 minutes 1/2 sheet 1 ½ minutes 1/4 sheet 45 seconds Care and Maintenance • After ironing, remove your garment from the heating area and allow to cool for 2 minutes. • Smoothly and slowly peel backing paper away from corner to corner. • If image begins to lift, re-iron image focusing on lifting areas. Allow to cool once more before attempting to peel again. • Wait 24 hours before washing garment. • Wash garment before wearing: – Turn garment inside out and machine wash cold separately from other clothes. – Use color-safe detergent and remove promptly from the washer. – Colors may bleed if left wet too long. Do not use bleach. – Tumble dry low with garment turned inside out. – Do not iron directly on transferred image after it has been applied to the garment. – The transferred image is not intended to withstand stretching other than normal wear and tear.

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