Schools that do not teach climate change

Last I heard none of the schools teach about climate change, correct me if I am wrong in the comments, and I do not mean just telling kids that they need to recycle, or take care of the planet but preparing children for what is ahead?

  1. Wildfires
  2. Less oxygen
  3. Animals going extinct
  4. Sea life going extinct
  5. Possible anarchy

The worst part is, none of us can run from the air we breathe so even if some of us make it underground we are still required to breathe air, and with no trees, and no fish that air will cease to exist for many of our children and especially for their children. The government is run by old people who will not be here when the stuff hits the fan so they probably do not care what happens after they leave. These are the government we should not be voting for, and please do your children a favor and tell them the truth about what is coming because if you don’t I sure will and when they read this post they will be asking you what I am talking about.

Fuck the State
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