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Superior Court Judge Messitt Commits Forgery During COVID

March 17th 2020

Judge Annette Messitt did sign a Shelter Care Hearing Order, at 401 4th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032, but she signed the name of former Commissioner Ann Danieli instead of her own name. This is because she was afraid that she would get into trouble later for removing a child for petty reasons since this was not permitted during Emergency Order #6 at the beginning of the fake pandemic.

How do you know I am telling the truth?

Because the Superior Court of King County rehired Ann Danieli as a favor for covering the forgery and pretending she did in fact sign the court order, the evidence shows she was practicing law at the time of the hearing and that means she can’t be a judge and practice law this is not allowed in any court in the United States.

Judge Messitt then proceeded to ignore and avoid the childs mothers multiple requests for in person visitation with her child, for her fear that her mother would find the forgery. She found the forgery anyway after she sued Judge Messitt in April 2020 for telling her to be quiet during court and refusing to let her speak at her post deprivation hearing. This mother then filed 17 more lawsuits against 6 social workers, 3 supervisors, 1 attorney general, 1 court appointed special advocate and the advocates attorney, 1 kindergarten teacher, 1 hospital, 2 Superior court judges, and one chief judge, 4 foster parents, 3 court clerks, 1 bailiff.

99% of these lawsuits were dismissed

she had no lawyer and did  not care, this mother did not sue to win she sued to take their jobs. After being sued Judge Messitt moved to a different court house and recused herself from the mothers case, she filed the dependency court order on August 25th 2020, in a secret court hearing and claimed on this order that the “Unknown” father signed and agreed to this order. RCW 13.34.110 requires a parents signature on any dependency court order.

This mother called the Kent Police, the FBI, and beyond concerning Messitts federal felony and they all said it was not forgery but a mistake and not a crime against her or her child. They saw there was no hearing on the record at all and they knew Ann Danieli did not work for King County Superior Court.

Judge Messitt also supports the “payback movement”

More than 15 African American state officials were sued by me for racial discrimination against me I am Caucasian, some did not know each other and they were in different decades. Each of them favored my children’s father who is also African American, they removed my kids for no reason intentionally kept them away from me for 6 years and then forced one into adoption with complete strangers who moved her to Texas. This is happening across the US not just in Washington, primarily white children with blonde hair are being targeted, or red hair and blue eyes. the state officials that are African American are in high positions so the parents do not see them. These officials hire white social workers who also have blonde hair and blue eyes and they train these workers to only remove children that the foster parents will adopt. The foster parents here in this state are all white so they want to adopt white babies. Naturally it is easy for these state officials to keep children from their parents for many years and not feel remorse or guilt. If you see a surge of minority parents at anytime on Facebook or YouTube claiming they were violated by CPS please look closer most are fake. Ask for their case number and they will go silent. They are freaking out because the cat is out of the bag and I will never shut my mouth. Judge Messitt has to see and support this she is the judge and she is told by CPS not to put black children in foster homes but always put white children in foster homes, I was my own lawyer and sat through these court hearings.

Judge Messitt thinks she is above the law

because she is a judge. If she is capable of forgery and the court document is in the name of a 5 year old child, that is a crime against a child. If this judge is capable of committing a felony against a 5 year old child then the public should be highly concerned because in her position

she deals with pedophiles and real criminals

who knows how many times she did not go on the record for a hearing and violated the rights of any person, parent, convict, citizen, who truly knows how many times in the past this has happened and why would anyone take a chance and keep her in her official position? Vote her out ASAP.

Fuck the State