The biggest loss to NBA of all time. Kobe Bryant

What a heart breaking and tragic and to one of the greatest NBA Basketball Players of all time! At the young age of 41 Kobe lost his life travelling with his 13 year old daughter and another family. Their helicopter crashed in what is being called a horrible and completely unexpected accident. The pilot apparently was blinded by clouds and did not see the upcoming hill, the crash was sudden and unavoidable from what sources are saying.

Drafted to the NBA in 1996 Kobe began his journey in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers and it took him some time to get up to speed. But when he did it did pay off and he took his game very seriously. Long time friend and team mate Shaquille O’Neal. is having a very hard time coming to grips with what happened. Kobes career consisted of mostly ups and not many downs. People who watched him closely over the years seen a work in progress. Tailoring to the stardom and carefully settling into the legend seat he belonged.

There will be no other Kobe Bryant and that is a fact. No one can deny the greatness this man brought to us all. The children who looked up to him will forever remember a hero and and a legend. His children that remain will be acknowledged and honored for many years to come.