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Vegas Massacre at Mandalay Bay Fake News

How could the news media possibly know all of this information in just 1-2 days, if that many people had truly died the coroner would be backed up and they would have to transport bodies to other counties which would take time, there is no way they would know the names and personal business of 58 people in just one day. The photos of this incident would be imperfect, there would be random videos all over the internet of this event. These videos would likely be rated R or removed for this reason. The news media would have access to live video of the people being murdered if the shooting happened where they said it did, there are cameras everywhere. Wake up people, these are actors.

After doing a bit of our own research on Truthfinder and no they did not pay me to say that, we found that many of these people did not have much social media profile presence and quite a few did get traffic tickets after their death or so it says. Someone could have used their names. Some did not have a US social security number, many had no social media profile and/or very brief and perfect profiles. Meaning no blurry crazy photos, or haters on their comments, nothing embarrassing.

Every person who died in this massacre has brand names linked to them, whether it be a college with a particular degree, or a website linked, they always quote the source by name and the source is always different? Journalists normally do not brand name all over the news article unless that name is paying for that advertisement. This is something taught to them in college and at work.

Journalists are very capable and highly trained to use phrases like “social network website” or “attended college,” or “he loved football” instead of naming the online college degree, the name of each website, or all the teams he loved?

The victims of this massacre:

  1. All of their autopsies were done in 24 hours.
  2. They all had perfect straight teeth.
  3. Have great photos of themselves most of them smiling.
  4. None of them had felony warrants.
  5. None of them did prison time.
  6. Most were Christian.
  7. They had normal lives with no issues.
  8. None of them were on welfare
  9. They did not have any fuzzy photos.

But I would go as far to say “Facebook” paid the most in putting their brand front and center in most of these fake massacres.
Fuck the State