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What Kinds of Applications Can Be Developed With Python?

Nothing is false in saying that apps have become businesses' and individuals' lifeblood. Whether we talk about web applications or mobile apps, in this digital age, applications are the go-to solutions for every industry. From catering to the on-demand food delivery industry to healthcare, adapting digital transformation has become necessary- either to automate the processes or stay ahead of the competition

But to build an application that stands out, many things go behind the scenes, i.e., finding an app development partner, choosing the right programming language, etc. Therefore, this guide will delve into one of the most popular programming languages – Python. Here, we will try to understand -what different types of applications can be developed using this language.


5 Most Common Types of Applications That Are Developed Using Python


Python is one of the most widely used, with the tag of the oldest programming language that came on the market back in 1991. Its versatile and powerful features have geared up its uses in various areas such as machine learning, web development, and app development.


According to the 2022 survey, more than 48 per cent of respondents used Python as a programming language. This shows that Python has a massive community.


Using Python language, you can create the following types of applications:


Entertainment Applications:

There’s a growing demand for applications that features on-demand video and audio content. Python is a great choice for developing on-demand entertainment applications due to its powerful modules and libraries, such as Dejavu, Mingus, hYPerSonic, etc. To get started with developing such an application, hire Python developers who can make proper use of these libraries. Some popular Python-based entertainment applications include Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.


Business Applications:


Python can also be used for developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and e-commerce systems. If we look around, Odoo and Tryton are the two most popular examples of Python-powered business applications. 


You can take inspiration from these applications. Talking about Odoo- is a business management suite that covers various aspects of corporate operations like project management, inventory management, accounting, etc.


At the same time, Tryton is an application platform that allows developers to create high-level, sophisticated applications with ultimate flexibility and accuracy. 


Console Applications:

Console applications are more often also termed command-line applications or PC programs. It does not have a classy Ui/UX, but it makes it easier for users to code complex algorithms without ambiguous abstraction layers. Since Python fulfils the criteria of simplicity, developers find it easy to use for developing scripture-based applications. Mercurial is one such example of distributed version control system written in Python. 


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications:


There are many availabilities of powerful Python libraries, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn, which have made it easier for developers to build complex models and algorithms with ease. You can hire iPhone app developers or hire Android app developers to make a successful AI-based app using Python. 


Web Scraping Applications:

Another great use of Python is for developing web scraping applications that can extract data from a website. Some of its powerful libraries, such as BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, etc., make developing such apps much easier. 


Financial Applications:

In the financial industry, there are various aspects that can easily be handled using Python, such as data analysis, risk management, and algorithmic trading. The availability of powerful libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib makes it easier for developers to perform complex calculations and data analysis. In order to develop Financial applications, enabling Python is a good choice.


Wrap Up


These are a few of the Python-based applications that are currently dominating market trends. Start searching for your next big partner who can help you in developing an application using one of the most powerful programming languages- Python. Moreover, there are other languages that are trending in the market, such as PHP. For PHP, Laravel is a popular framework for developing applications. Hire Laravel developers for your next app development project.